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Baltimore is called “Charm City” for its rich American history and hidden charm. With so many transportation methods, there are plenty of opportunities to see this charm for yourself. You may find it best to use multiple transportation methods, depending on your plan for your Baltimore visit.

Ways to Get Around In Baltimore - Charm City

Rental Car or Car Service

The best way to navigate Baltimore is with your own car, a rental vehicle, or a car service. This gives you the freedom to drive where you want when you want. Several rental car companies are in the Baltimore area. Each offers several vehicle options, making choosing the size and type that works best for your needs easy.

Water Taxis

Baltimore is located on the water, making it a city that embraces northeastern coastal life. Because of this, there are numerous water taxis throughout the city. This is a great way to experience the city from a unique perspective. They also make stops at all of the major attractions and sites, so they are perfect for your day of sightseeing. The taxis run from 11 am to 6 pm. You can purchase a single ride or an all-day ticket. You can purchase tickets online, at a taxi kiosk, or on the boat. Tickets range in price from $11 to $85.


Hop on the Baltimore bus system called the Charm City Circulator. Four continuous bus routes run throughout the city. Buses will arrive at intervals throughout the day. You can hop and off at all of the major attractions and sites.

There is also the MTA bus service with over 60 routes. However, this bus service is not free. You can pay per ride or for a day pass.

Scooter and Bicycle

There are several electric bicycle and scooter stations throughout the city. They are perfect for getting around when it’s too far for walking and too close for driving. Using them is simple. Simply download the correct app and pay a small fee. You can pick up and drop off your scooter or bicycle at any of the stations throughout the city.

Light Rail System

Baltimore has a light rail system running in a single line from the southern suburbs, through the city center, to the northern suburbs. It is perfect for traveling to and from the airport, state fairgrounds, and Hunts Valley. Tickets range in price from $2 to $77. Operations begin around 5 am, and the final departure is just after midnight.


There is a subway system that runs a 15.5-mile track throughout Baltimore. It connects Owing Mills and the Johns Hopkins Hospital. A total of 14 stops are throughout the subway track. You may find the subway system useful if the place you are going is along the route. However, it is mainly used by local commuters.

On Foot

Walking is a great way of getting around the individual neighborhoods of Baltimore. Inner Harbor is perfect for taking a stroll on the promenade. However, you will want another means of transportation to get from one area to another before walking.

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